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  • Ask Pharmaca: What is Homeopathy?

    Q: I don’t understand the difference between homeopathy and everything else. Isn’t all natural medicine homeopathic? A. Homeopathy or homeopathic medicine is often misused as an “umbrella” term to talk about natural and alternative therapies. But homeopathic medicine should not be confused with herbal medicine, Chinese medicine or any other natural […]

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  • Healing Waters: 5 Ideas for Restorative Baths

    Sometimes the simplest remedies—the ones that have worked for centuries—are the best. The ancient practice of “taking the waters,” what we now call hydrotherapy, works on two levels: The warm water provides a continuous heat source to our bodies, and gently massages as it circulates. And the addition of therapeutic […]

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  • Tired of Being Tired? Fall Asleep with All-Natural Sleep Aids

    There’s nothing more refreshing and invigorating than waking from a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sleeping soundly and regularly doesn’t come easily for many people. If you suffer from bouts of insomnia or have trouble staying asleep, you may be one of the millions of people who turn to medications to […]

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  • “Natural” vs. “Organic” vs. “Homeopathic” Health and Beauty Products

    You will often see the words “natural” and “organic” used on a variety of health and beauty products, and some people believe these words are interchangeable. Here’s how they’re different. Homeopathic Let’s first explain what “homeopathic” means when it comes to medicine or products. Simply put, homeopathic remedies come from […]