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  • Whole Earth & Sea: Where Plants Take Center Stage

    Natural Factors has a long history of creating quality supplements filled with hand-harvested organic whole foods. Their Whole Earth & Sea line takes the Natural Factors commitment to quality one step further by using only plant-based ingredients wherever possible, and utilizing the unique whole foods raised on Factors Farms in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. 

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  • Nootropics and the Healthy Brain

    Do you sometimes experience brain fog, memory issues or a lackluster mood? Researchers are working hard to figure out why this happens and what we can do to keep our brain functioning optimally. Wellness experts are using this information to develop new ways of enhancing brain health with nootropics, sometimes […]

  • Herbs & Supplements
  • 5 New Ways to Try Turmeric

    The good news about turmeric just keeps growing. Besides giving food a spicy zing and bright yellow color (it’s one of the main ingredients in curry), turmeric’s active component, curcumin, offers substantial health benefits. Scientists tell us curcumin can keep us healthy by reducing inflammation and pain, fighting infections and […]

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  • Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Multivitamin

    Here’s a snapshot of different multivitamin types and why they’re beneficial. Click to learn more about different types of multivitamins and how to choose the best one for you. Form Details Where you’ll find it USP Synthetic Vitamins Synthetic vitamins are made from isolated nutrients derived from natural sources like […]