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  • Step-by-Step Yoga Pose: Half Moon

    Increase ankle strength and stability, up your spacial awareness (proprioception), and open up to autumn changes with Half Moon. Half Moon Pose Alias: Ardha Chandrasana (“ardha” = half, “chandra” = moon or shining, “asana” = pose) Why Half Moon? Mild inversions where your head is lower than your heart are […]

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  • Step-by-Step Yoga Pose: Triangle

    Are you stretching enough to keep pace with your busy summer lifestyle? Chances are your activity level has increased along with the hours of daylight. Get limbered up fast with this all-in-one super stretch. Triangle Pose Alias: trikonasana (“tri” = three, “kona” =angle, “asana” = pose) Why Triangle Pose? Practicing […]

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  • Step-by-Step Yoga Pose: Dolphin

    Want to build strength and tone tank top-ready shoulders? Challenge yourself with dolphin pose. You’ll get a nice hamstring stretch, too. Dolphin Pose Alias: ardha pincha mayurasana (“ardha” = half, “pincha” = feathers, “mayura” = peacock, “asana” = pose) Why Dolphin Pose? By practicing dolphin pose, you’ll strengthen your shoulder […]