Thick, Bouncy, Fresh and Shiny: Hair Care 101

Hair not living up to its full potential? Pharmaca’s got solutions—including hair care treatments chock full of natural botanicals, oils and herbs that deliver targeted solutions. Lisa Sawabini, esthetician and beauty product expert in Portland, walks us through some of the finest fixes.

Thinning hair
Thin hair can become noticeably fuller, and new hair growth encouraged, with products that get to the root of the problem. Andalou Naturals’ Age Defying Scalp Intensive’s active ingredients include fruit stem cells from apples, grapes and argan seeds. “These plant stem cells rev up your own dormant root cells,” says Lisa. Add in a complex of eight berries jam packed with antioxidants to support cell renewal and boost collagen, and you’ve got a healthy scalp and thicker, fuller hair.

Peter Lamas’ Chinese Regenerating Scalp Serum relies on centuries-old wisdom and modern science to help thinning hair (and customers love it!). The serum uses the plant extract swertia japonica to block the formation of Dihydrotestosterone, a common cause of hair loss, and apple stem cells to promote new hair growth.

Frizzy hair
A product that can tame frizzies, supports a women’s cooperative and protects the environment? Sign us up. John Masters’ 100% Argan Oil uses argan fruit that’s harvested in a protected forest in Morocco, which is then processed by a local women’s co-op—generating income for health care and education. Add a few drops of the oil to damp hair to soften, repair split ends and add shine. Lisa also recommends argan oil for the skin, either applied directly or blended with other facial products to add extra moisture, reduce fine lines and improve elasticity.

Damaged hair
Sometimes a serious hair care intervention is needed. Giovanni’s 2chic Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Mask helps repair extreme damage, especially in dry or over-processed hair. Tapping into some of nature’s best moisturizers, this mask blends shea butter, avocado, sunflower and olive oils to revitalize coarse, rough hair.

Earth Science’s Deep Conditioning Hair Masque penetrates and coats the shaft with natural silk proteins and coconut oil, leaving hair soft and smooth. “It’s a customer favorite,” says Lisa. “It’s especially good for parched hair after a sun- and swim-filled vacation. Leave it on for 15 minutes in the shower, or sleep with it on for extra conditioning.”

Oily hair
A daily shampoo used to be the only answer for those with oily hair—until dry shampoos hit the market. They remove oil at the roots in minutes, revive flat hair and treat your scalp. Try best-selling Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, which relies on gentle oat milk, corn and rice starches (and no sulfates or parabens) to eliminate surface oils and dirt while adding volume and texture to hair.

Acure Dry Shampoo Argan Stem Cell & CoQ10 takes the dry shampoo concept to a new level by adding ingredients that treat the hair while they clean. Argan stem cells and CoQ10 encourage cell growth in the hair cuticle, boost keratin production and add moisture. Slippery elm bark flour soothes the scalp and French white clay freshens.

Have another hair question? Ask a Pharmaca esthetician for guidance.

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  1. amy says:

    what kind of shampoo/conditioner would best assist a very flaky scalp that is like fish scales,lumpy,bumpy and new this past year. I eat healthy overall but did eat tofu daily for a year and maybe not good choice in hindsight or not sure what has caused this. Thank you for any suggestions.

  2. Deborah Locksley Burkhart, Pharmaca Store Manager says:

    Try Max Green Organics Scalp Rescue shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner is made for scalps with inflammatory issues and I think it would help. If you are not taking probiotics and a good fish oil supplement I would add those as well.

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