Vapour HALO Illuminator Tutorial

From Krysia Boinis, Co-Founder, Vapour Organic Beauty

The face of beauty is changing. Women are redefining beauty, reclaiming beauty on our own terms. Healthy self-expression and authenticity are prevailing over perfection. A “no-makeup” look starring natural, glowing skin continues to grow in popularity in the fashion industry and with women everywhere.

One flattering beauty technique is highlighting the skin. It gently guides the eye to features that you want to accentuate. It’s about skin looking luminous while enhancing bone structure is a soft and subtle way.

Placement and blending are key in getting the look right. Vapour HALO Illuminator stick gives skin a gorgeous glow that makes you look radiant and rested, even if you aren’t. HALO fans call it a “real-life Instagram filter.”



How To:

Apply to moisturized skin for a really quick brightener or over foundation, if using. Apply HALO directly from stick to any of the following areas. 1) forehead 2) brow bones 3) cheek bones 4) inner corners of eyes 5) center of nose  6) cupid’s bow and 6) chin.
Tip: Experiment with the above locations and find your favorites. Remember to choose the areas you wish to accentuate.

Tap product into skin to blend… it should be seamless. You don’t want to see any product after blending. The areas where you have applied HALO will catch the light and you will glow—naturally.

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