Why Mushrooms Are Sprouting Up in Your Natural Skin Care

There’s a new ingredient in your natural skin care arsenal—mushrooms! Loaded with unique compounds to hydrate, tone, brighten and increase firmness, mushrooms offer benefits for every skin type.

If you have mature, dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles
Remedy: Snow mushroom (Tremella fuciformis)
Snow mushrooms are amazingly hydrating, drawing and locking water into the skin to help make fine lines and wrinkles disappear. (Research is showing it to be even more effective than hyaluronic acid because the mushroom particles are smaller and penetrate the skin more easily.) Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Rare Rose Gel Cream combines the super-moisturizing properties of plant resin Mastic Gum with skin-restoring rose canina oil and safflower oil.

If you have irritated, sensitive skin
Remedy: Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)
Studies show shiitake mushrooms are rich in compounds that reduce redness and calm irritated skin. With a high vitamin D content, shiitake extracts are also beneficial for those with psoriasis. We love One Love Organics Vitamin D Active Moisture Time Release Mist—spray it on clean skin before serums and moisturizers. It eases redness with shiitake extract and protects skin from environmental stressors and pollution with Alpine rose extract.

If you have acne-prone or oily skin
Remedy: Agarikon mushroom (Fomes Officinalis)
Agarikon mushroom extract is ideal for treating oily skin or for those prone to breakouts. It’s a top-notch astringent, helping reduce oiliness without drying skin. Agarikon helps firm skin, too, making pores appear smaller. Astara Blue Flame Purifying Treatment combines agarikon mushroom extract with salicylic acid to banish oil, gently exfoliate and unclog pores to prevent breakouts.

If you have sun-damaged skin or hyper-pigmentation
Remedy: Songyi mushroom and kojic acid from shiitake mushroom
If your skin tone is uneven or if you have sun-related dark spots, mushroom extracts are a safe, natural way to target the problem. In fact, songyi mushrooms (also known as matsutake) have been used for skin lightening in Japan, Korea and China for centuries.

Another mushroom-based ingredient, kojic acid from shiitakes, brightens skin by slowing the production of the enzyme responsible for melanin and dark spots. Treat your skin with a two-step mushroom-infused process: 2-3 times a week, use Jeffery James Botanicals Cleanser, which gently removes toxins from the skin. Next, apply a daily brightening treatment like 100% Pure Brightening Serum, which reduces dark spots and discolorations with non-irritating songyi mushroom extract.