Why Vitamin D is Vital to Skin Authority’s Health-Inspired Skin Care

In researching ways to support family members who had been diagnosed with cancer, Celeste Hilling learned that the majority of all cancer patients are vitamin D deficient. This aligned with the research she was doing on chronic skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and vitiligo, as they were also vitamin D deficient conditions. She began to wonder what it was about vitamin D that was so vital to our well being and our immune system.

She learned that vitamin D is the only vitamin made in the body and it is made in the skin. That connection to skin set Hilling, and Skin Authority, on a path to learning how to help people stay well longer by achieving skin health.

Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling

“I was introduced to a couple of top immunologists and oncologists who were working on ways to help your immune system work harder or smarter to attack diseases like cancer. Their research showed that helping patients achieve sufficient levels of vitamin D was essential to our body maintaining a strong immune system. The skin needs D present to make more D. And because D functions like a hormone, our levels of D decrease as we age. So a big part of their focus was on understanding how to keep the skin making more D.”

Through her work with the team, Celeste began to understand the cosmetic benefits of vitamin D for creating firm, illuminated skin, as well as the benefit of protecting skin from environmental damage. “When we are vitamin D sufficient, almost 72% of our dermis is collagen. That is incredible volume and firmness. While supplementing with vitamin D is important, only a small percentage of vitamin D taken internally reaches the skin. That’s why topical application of D is key,” Celeste says.

In designing Skin Authority’s VitaD product technology, Celeste and her team were also able to isolate key micro-proteins in their VitaD formula which “act like a little HEPA filter” on the skin to help diffuse the impact of pollution and UV rays. “We are learning more each year about skin damage and discoloration caused by environmental stresses ranging from UV exposure to chemicals (e.g. laundry detergent, car emissions or secondhand smoke) to physical extremes like heat or cold. “That’s why, she says, it’s important to make the choice to wear products daily that can help boost up your skin’s defense against those exposures.”

Skin Authority focuses on incorporating some of the most important ingredients that can create that defense into every formula. Vitamins D and C are both antioxidants—and C is also vital to collagen production—that provide an initial level of protection and help repair damage. Probiotics are also key, since they help balance the microbiome of our skin (just as they do to our internal organs). The final step is to ensure your skin is protected by a full-spectrum sunscreen.

We asked Celeste about some of her favorite Skin Authority products that utilize these ingredients.

Super C Serum is my go-to. We use a 20% L-ascorbic acid because independent studies have shown that it needs to be at that level to help absorb UV rays. At that level it also acts a co-factor for collagen production. The firming nature of C is incredible; it also helps keep hyperpigmentation at bay.”





VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir is my other go-to for helping boost the skin’s immune function. I love the glow you have when you use it. It’s super smoothing, and great for line reduction.”








Beauty Infusion Probiotics Clarifying uses powerful probiotic ferments and raw shea butter to be super anti-inflammatory. People with redness and irritation absolutely love it.”




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