Yoga Beneficial for Blood Sugar Control in Type 2 Diabetics

Turns out that yoga doesn’t just feel great, it can also have far-reaching health benefits. A new study shows that yoga, in combination with standard care, may improve blood sugar control and help reduce body mass index (BMI) for type 2 diabetes patients. It has been proposed that health may be affected by the mind-body interactions involved with various yoga techniques, and the daily practice of yoga may therefore help to maintain wellness.

In a recent study, 123 type 2 diabetes patients were assigned to receive either standard care alone or in combination with yoga for three months. The researchers found that the patients who practiced yoga in addition to standard care had a significant reduction in BMI, improved blood sugar control and increases in vitamin C and glutathione. There were no notable differences between groups for blood pressure, waist circumference or waist-to-hip ratio.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of yoga? Check out what the Mayo Clinic has to say about how yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, increase fitness, help you sleep better and more. Namaste!

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