Your Pre-Travel Checklist

Whether you’re piling in the minivan to visit family or jetting overseas, a little prep work—and stocking up on essentials—can make traveling a breeze this summer.

Check to see if you need vaccinations
Many international destinations require or recommend travel immunizations. A Pharmaca pharmacist can help you identify which vaccinations you need based on your destination, and administer them in the store.

Our pharmacists can also give you information on other safety and health considerations at your destination. Just call ahead to request your pre-travel consultation and vaccines a few days ahead of time. (Learn more about immunization services at Pharmaca.)

Prep your travel first aid kit
“If you’re going to enjoy the pleasures of travel, it makes sense to be prepared!” says Brigitte Mars, herbalist and practitioner at our north Boulder store.

“A good thing to take is a probiotic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated,” says Brigitte. She recommends beginning a probiotic regimen a week before you leave to help colonize your gut with healthy bacteria that can help you be more resistant to foreign pathogens.
One to try: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Go Packs. 

When we’re in a foreign country and eating food we’re not accustomed to, digestive distress can be inevitable. That’s when Brigitte recommends charcoal capsules to help stop diarrhea. (“I wouldn’t take them every day, just when needed,” she adds.)
One to try: Solaray Activated Charcoal.

“If I could bring one item with me—and this is actually something I carry with me all the time—it would be tea tree oil,” says Brigitte. Because it’s antimicrobial, she says, it’s great for making a disinfecting spray, for gargling with when you have a sore throat, for putting on as an insect repellant or even applying to a scratch or bug bite (tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to skin).
Ones to try: Pure tea tree oil from Pharmaca, NOW or Tea Tree Therapy.

“And just in case you suffer from jet lag, homeopathy has an answer for that!” says Brigitte. She recommends a combination remedy like Miers Laboratories’ No Jet Lag, which can help reset your circadian rhythm when taken throughout your flight.

Other travel essentials

Talk to a Pharmaca practitioner about the best supplements and strategies for your destination!

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