Zinc beneficial in reducing cold symptoms and duration

Source Naturals Zinc Lozenges

A new review of studies on zinc as a cure for the common cold has concluded that it can drastically shorten the duration of cold symptoms. The review examined 15 studies that have been done since the 1980s, and found that if taken within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, you can trim an average of a day of sneezing and sniffling off the standard cold.

“People taking zinc are also less likely to have persistence of their cold symptoms beyond seven days of treatment,” report the authors. Further, “Zinc supplementation for at least five months reduces incidence, school absenteeism and prescription of antibiotics for children with the common cold.”

The author doesn’t offer a specific recommendation for dosages, but does warn readers that zinc lozenges filled with artificial ingredients can inhibit the effectiveness of the zinc itself. That’s why we love these zinc products, made without all the other stuff:

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Read more about the review on the New York Times Well Blog.

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