PSI Bands Nausea Relief Bands Fast Track 2 count

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PSI Bands are acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness/pregnancy motion sickness/travel anesthesia and chemotherapy.

Acupressure is the stimulation of specific points throughout the body. This therapy may be self-administered or conducted by another person using fingers thumbs elbows or feet to apply pressure to a specific point(s) to provide comfort and alleviate a symptom(s). Acupressure uses pressure to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.

  • Stylish band is adjustable for personalized comfort and fit waterproof (no more soggy wrist bands) and reusable
  • Bands adjust to fit up to a 7 1/2 inch wrist
  • Adjust the dial to choose the amount of pressure
  • Contains a set of two bands - one band is worn on each wrist
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How to Wear Psi Bands: 1. Place one band on the inside of each wrist 2 1/2 finger widths above the center of your wrist crease between the wrist tendons. This placement is known as the Nei-kuan acupressure point. The button should be facing in and the dial should be facing out. 2. Both bands should be worn at the same time. How to Adjust Psi Bands: 1. To adjust the band size around the wrist place the post of the dial through the appropriate band hole. Feed the slack of the band under the slide-able collar just as you would with a watch. It should feel snug yet comfortable. 2. To increase or decrease pressure on the Nei-kuan acupressure point rotate the dial. It should feel snug yet comfortable.
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