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RADIUS is renowned for its combination of innovative designs, premium materials and eco-conscious manufacturing. RADIUS is redefining ordinary personal care products to enhance the quality and enjoyment of everyday routines.

The only American Dental Association-recommended natural toothbrush brand, RADIUS brushes feature ergonomic right and left handed brushes to ensure the dentist-recommended 45-degree angle for brushing. RADIUS brushes last 2x to 3x longer than other brushes and have up to 300 percent more bristles than an ordinary toothbrush. By designing toothbrushes with large enough heads to serve as both a tooth and gum brush, RADIUS has created a tool that is a fundamental key to preventive health.

The idea is pretty simple… If you make a quality product, it will last longer and people won’t need to throw it away. RADIUS products are made to last, which means they are being used longer and not filling up landfills, while still providing you with the excellence you have come to expect. RADIUS is a women-run, family-owned and operated company that manufactures in a solar-powered, 20,000 sq. ft., restored feed mill built in the early 1800s in the picturesque farming town of Kutztown, Penn. Each product is inspected by hand, designed to last and unconditionally guaranteed.

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RADIUS Product Information

Adult Toothbrushes

RADIUS Adult Toothbrushes

The Original has an ergonomically designed handle that is available in right or left hand for accurate and improved brushing.

The Source utilizes replacement head technology to reduce waste by 93 percent. The Source has an ergonomic handle made from 50 percent recycled materials that can be used right or left handed.

The SCUBA is made from recycled rubber to give a “flex-neck” to reduce and alleviate pressure from hard brushers.

Children's Toothbrushes

RADIUS Children's Toothbrushes

The Pure Baby is for children ages 6-18 months, and is completely dye and BPA free to ensure safe brushing. The Pure Baby has 8,000 ultra soft, premium RADIUS bristles to ensure cushioned brushing. FDA approved.

The Totz is for children ages 18 months and up. Completely BPA free with 6,800 soft, premium RADIUS bristles. FDA approved.

The Kidz is for children ages 6 and up. The Kidz is a pint-sized version of the Original with a thumb grip, angled neck and oval head for accurate brushing and massaging of gums. The Kidz Toothbrush is completely BPA free and American Dental Association “accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque.


RADIUS Flosses

Silk Floss is the only biodegradable floss on the market, made from all natural, pure silk coated in candelilla wax. This is NOT a vegan product. It contains no gluten, preservatives, GMOs, fluoride or artificial sweeteners or color. It’s also completely compostable.

Cranberry Floss is a completely vegan, super-soft nylon floss coated in a candelilla wax and cranberry essence from OceanSpray. It contains no gluten, preservatives, GMOs, artificial sweeteners or color, or fluoride. Now contains natural, gum-benefiting, USA-made Xylitol!

Mint Floss is a completely vegan, super-soft nylon floss coated in candelilla wax. Contains mint, tea tree and natural, USA-made Xylitol for a clean, healthy mouth! It contains no gluten, preservatives, GMOs, artificial sweeteners or color, or fluoride.

Floss Sachets are the newest way to floss! Sachets include super-soft nylon floss, spun in candelilla wax and are 100 percent vegan. They are also packaged in completely biodegradable packaging. Available in natural flavors like antibacterial Cranberry and Mint Tea Tree.


RADIUS Children's Toothbrushes

Travel Cases include toothbrushes, soap, razors, compact tampon/condoms and full tampon cases, designed to fit all major brands. Each case has a guaranteed 2 million openings and is made from durable plastic that will never break. Available in a variety of colors.

The DOC Accessory is a multi-use suction holder that can be used to hold your toothbrush and other household items. The DOC can suction to any smooth surface to hang either vertically or horizontally. Made with an EcoPure additive, The Doc is completely biodegradable.

+  Testimonials


Original Toothbrush

“When people brush their teeth, two of the biggest mistakes people make are brushing too hard and not long enough, but the RADIUS Original helps combat these two issues with its customized grip and wide head. With its thin, gentle bristles that reach all areas of the mouth easily, the RADIUS Original helps people meet ADA recommendations with their dental habits.”

—Richard Reddy, D.D.S.

Source Toothbrush

“What is special about the RADIUS Source is that it takes into consideration the earth while still providing a remarkable brush for cleaning teeth. With its slender, oval head and fine, gentle bristles, the Source reaches all surface areas of the mouth and gums — perfect for someone who has a tough time reaching back molars.”

—Richard Reddy, D.D.S.

Children’s Toothbrushes

"These toothbrushes are making it easy for parents to teach their children about the importance of brushing teeth. Many parents are not even aware that babies and young toddlers can also benefit from the use of a toothbrush. Starting at a young age is crucial for a long-lasting, healthy mouth, and we are happy to have RADIUS leading this initiative."

—Richard Reddy, D.D.S.

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Learn more about why bigger is better with Radius!

Have questions? Let Dr. Klotz and Dr. Schlossberg answer them!

Watch Martha Stewart try the RADIUS toothbrush!"

Tour the RADIUS factory and learn more about how it's made!

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Pharmaca carries RADIUS toothbrushes, floss, replacement brush heads, brush cases and travel cases made from renewable materials. RADIUS toothbrushes feature large brush heads that are gentle on teeth and gums to reduce bleeding and irritation. Pharmaca’s selection of RADIUS brushes includes right-handed toothbrushes, left-handed toothbrushes and ultra-soft baby toothbrushes.