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About Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light has become the #1 most trusted natural vitamin brand* as a result of a decades-long commitment to product quality, safety, purity and effectiveness. Rainbow Light carefully combines therapeutic potencies of clinically researched vitamins, minerals and botanical blends with superfoods and digestive support, delivering meaningful health benefits, including sustained energy, immunity and longevity.†

Rainbow Light’s formulas are carefully developed to deliver the right balance of:

  • Science-based ingredient potencies and combinations in a nourishing base of pure, superfood extracts.
  • Targeted support for superior absorption and digestion, providing both long- and short-term health benefits to create a difference you can feel!

Rainbow Light’s Circle of Care

Rainbow Light has been providing life-saving nutrients to mothers and babies in the U.S. and globally since 1994. Through their Circle of Care, they’ve worked to foster a vibrant state of health for families everywhere. Rainbow Light’s 100% post-consumer-recycled Eco-Guard™ bottles are made from 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable FDA-approved plastic to help keep our oceans and natural habitats free of pollution.

*January 2014 Independent Study, Wiest & Co. N=1,200

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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Rainbow Light Product Information


Rainbow Light Multivitamins

The industry standard for multivitamin performance, Rainbow Light multivitamins deliver therapeutic, clinically researched potencies of vitamins, minerals and botanicals, combined with a pure food base and digestive support that deliver a difference you can feel.

Rainbow Light offers a broad range of multivitamin formulas that promote long-term health for the whole family, covering a variety of health needs and preferences.


Rainbow Light Gummies

Rainbow Light’s delicious and nutritious gummy supplements are 100 percent natural and gluten-free, supporting optimal health for children and adults. Balanced formulas provide research-based potencies of key nutrients that support critical health concerns, such as immunity, brain learning and memory, digestion, antioxidant protection, as well as cardiovascular, colon and breast health.

Integrative Herbal Therapies

Rainbow Light Integrative Herbal Therapies

Rainbow Light’s Integrative Health Therapies offer naturally effective solutions that blend clinically researched ingredients and traditionally proven botanicals to quickly and effectively relieve everyday health issues.

Integrative Health Therapies target the root of specific concerns, rather than simply masking symptoms, and are safe for both short- and long-term use, offering side benefits, not side effects.

+  Awards

Rainbow Light Awards

Precious Gems
Better Nutrition Magazine Best of Supplements Award 2014

Rainbow Light Better Nutrition Award Winner

Embrace 35+
SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Award 2014

Rainbow Light Supply Side Award Winner

Embrace 35+
SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Award 2013

Rainbow Light Supply Side Award Winner

RejuvenAge 40+
Better Nutrition Magazine Best of Supplements Award 2013

Rainbow Light Better Nutrition Award Winner
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Discover how this men’s multivitamin supports stamina and overall health.

Learn how this multi supports eye health, cognitive function, heart health and more in older adults.

Everything they need to grow up strong. Watch to learn more!

Are you over 35 and pregnant? This prenatal vitamin contains everything you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Do you suffer from digestive problems? This Advanced Enzyme System can help. Watch to learn more!

Boost your performance with Rainbow Light’s vegetarian protein powder, free of dairy, gluten, wheat and artificial flavors.

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Rainbow Light creates natural multivitamins and supplements from science-based ingredients that nourish and support your body. Pharmaca carries a variety of Rainbow Light multivitamins and supplements, including products for bone support, brain and memory support, cleansing, cough and cold support, digestion, men’s health, prenatal vitamins, women’s health and more. At Pharmaca, you’ll find Rainbow Light kid’s vitamins, men’s vitamins and women’s vitamins.