Renew Life CandiSmart Yeast Cleansing Formula 15-Day Program

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Gluten Free

CandiSmart™* is a targeted, 2-part cleansing program made with specially selected herbs and natural ingredients that focus on intestinal yeast for internal harmony.* It’s designed to address your body’s unique needs to help you feel your best.*

Targeted Yeast Cleansing Program*:

    • 15-day, 2-part program

    • Addresses intestinal yeast*

    • Supports urinary tract health*

    • Gluten free

    • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

Made with specially selected herbs and ingredients derived from nature, CandiSmart™* is a 15-day, 2-part, targeted yeast cleansing program.* It’s designed to address intestinal yeast and support urinary tract health.* CandiSmart* is a gluten free program, and is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.

Why Choose Renew Life™ Targeted Cleansing Programs?
Did you know that we come into contact with toxins every day—from the environment, our food, and even within our own digestive tract? While the body was built to process these toxins, today’s world places increased stress on our elimination channels. Each Renew Life Targeted Cleansing Program helps re-establish digestive health and is uniquely formulated to address specific needs so you feel better, lighter, and more energized.*

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