Renew Life Norwegian Gold Critical Omega 60 softgels

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Norwegian Gold® Critical Omega is an ultra-concentrated EPA and DHA Omega-3 fish oil supplement to support heart, joint, and brain health.* Ultra-concentrated to over 85% total Omegas, it has 900 mg Omega-3 in each burp-free softgel to help give your body what it might be missing.*

Ultra-concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil:

  • 900 mg Omega-3 per softgel

  • May reduce risk of heart disease‡

  • Supports healthy brain function*

  • Enhanced digestion and absorption with lipase and enteric coating*

  • Burp-free formula for no fishy aftertaste

  • 5-star purity and freshness rating

  • Once daily fish gelatin softgel

  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

Norwegian Gold® Critical Omega is a high-potency EPA and DHA Omega-3 fish oil formula with 900 mg Omega-3 per softgel. It’s designed to support heart and joint health, and healthy brain function in adults.* Ultra-concentrated with over 85% total omegas, the advanced fish oil formula may help reduce the risk of heart disease, and it provides enhanced digestion and absorption with lipase and enteric coating—all in a single fish gelatin softgel.‡ Norwegian Gold Critical Omega is a burp-free formula with no fishy aftertaste, and is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.

Why Choose Advanced Norwegian Gold Fish Oils?
Renew Life formulated Norwegian Gold Advanced Fish Oils with you in mind. Our formulas are ultra-concentrated with Omega-3 EPA and DHA so you only have to take one softgel per day. With other brands, you might have to take up to 3 or more softgels to get the same amount of Omega-3 as Norwegian Gold. And because digestion is so important to us, our softgels are enteric coated to help them bypass the stomach for no ­fishy aftertaste and better absorption of the Omega-3s.* Plus the natural enzyme lipase is added to further aid in absorption.* Lipase is essential for oil digestion, yet other ­fish oils lack this powerful fat-splitting enzyme.*

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