Republic of Tea Get Burning - Herb Tea for Metabolism 36 count

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Warming Herbs - Feeling sluggish? This spicy herbal blend was created to help rev up your internal engine. It's a tasty way to increase the body's metabolism and resistance to stress.* It has an organic green rooibos base sourced from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms with holy basil a long-revered herb said to increase energy and the body's resistance to stress.* Cordyceps a traditional medicinal herb used by Chinese athletes to boost energy and endurance* and the invigorating kick of chili peppers complete the package. This tea stimulates the body without taxing our vital systems. Get Burning was featured in Vital Juice as one of the latest healthy trends to try.

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Republic of Tea Get Burning - Herb Tea for Metabolism 36 count

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Heat fresh filtered water to boiling. Place one tea bag in your cup and pour in 6 oz of the heated water. Steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the tea bag and enjoy. For iced tea double the amount of tea bags used steep as above and pour over a generous amount of ice
Organic green rooibos ginger cinnamon holy basil black pepper cloves chili peppers cordyceps extract stevia and natural sea buckthorn flavor. †Rooibos sourced from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free.
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