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About S.W. Basics

It's About Simplicity

S.W. Basics’ whole concept is that fewer ingredients means gentler skin care. And the simpler your routine the better.

Their products are effective, easy to use and made for everyone.

It’s about you.

The beauty industry desperately needs a makeover. S.W. Basics features a small team of real people just like you who want products that really work, without feeling bullied into buying them.

It’s about sustainability.

Most companies say “all natural” when they really mean “not-at-all natural.”

S.W. Basics only uses truly natural ingredients that are certified organic, Fair Trade or sourced from family farms.

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S.W. Basics in the Press

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How To Treat Acne Naturally by Tom Newton

"I like the idea of toners, but I’ve never actually found a toner that a) works, b) feels good on my skin, c) doesn’t smell like death. Everyone and their brother says toners are essential for oily skin, so I was very happy to try out S.W. Basics’ Apple Cider Vinegar version with no harsh alcohols (it does stink though)."

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9 Metabolism-Boosting Drinks You Can Sip All Day Long

"Though it’s debatable whether aloe vera has a direct effect on metabolism, it does aid in the stimulation and maintenance of collagen which has been linked to improving metabolism. Plus, by drinking it, you’ll be doubling up on hydration—another key to boosting your metabolism. Win-win."

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28 Beauty Buys to Grab From Target the Next Time You’re ‘Only Buying Toothpaste’—L.S.

"A basic rule of natural beauty: If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in a product, don’t put it on your face. This cleanser makes the guesswork easy and delivers results—soft, zit-free skin—without a single sulfate."

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How Going Back To Basics Totally Changed My Skin

"I’m now a month in to using S.W. Basics, and my skin is truly looking better than ever…But, bottom line, this stuff simply works. Plus, if I had a reaction, I’d be able to pinpoint its cause, which has not always been the case with past skin-care products. Even better, I actually had a coworker feel my face recently — it looked that good. Pretty sure she described my skin as feeling like ‘the softest suede.’ Bam! I’m a believer"


A Love Note to Rosewater

Rosewater is one of those ingredients that can be utilized just about everywhere. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it.


The 411 on Oil Cleansers

We’re here to remove your oil-free training wheels and usher you out into the big, viscous world that’s waiting with open arms. Our new Cleansers are the perfect place to begin your journey.


Salve Hacks

We launched our Salve to be a catchall, use wherever/whenever treatment for whatever ails ya. Got chapped lips? Slather it on. Plagued by that weird, dry patchiness on your elbows? Salve ‘em. Got too burned and have a peeling nose? Salve will work.


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