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Sanitas GWP

Sanitas Skincare believes that better skin health is the result of more than just topical products—it's a lifestyle. That’s why their mission is to employ a strategy of progressive science, research and education to continuously strengthen skin using topical, nutritional and holistic strategies.

About Sanitas

Sanitas Skincare began with one product: Topical C. Still their number-one seller, this product was created to successfully treat a critically burned patient using biogenic technology to mimic the very mechanisms that trigger the skin to heal itself.

The unintended discovery? Biogenic, topical skin nutrition that also helps reverse the signs of aging and improves overall skin health! It's still the primary pillar for how Sanitas formulates every product today.

Sanitas Makes Their Own Products in Boulder, Colo.

Scientists in the Lab

The clean air and water of the Colorado Rockies, together with the healthy, creative energy of Boulder, provide an ideal environment for the formulation of pure, holistic and effective skin care products.

All products are formulated and manufactured at a facility in Boulder County, Colo. so that they can control every aspect of the quality—from the moment the product is conceived to when it touches your skin.

Sanitas' Mission

Sanitas believes that good skin health is the result of more than topical products—it's a lifestyle. That’s why their mission is to employ a strategy of progressive science, research and education to continuously strengthen the skin through topical, nutritional and holistic strategies.

Sanitas strives to lead through innovation and maintain the highest standards for the ingredients used in their products. They work every day to earn and maintain the loyalty and respect of staff, customers, community and the world we live in through conscious environmental practices, uncompromised quality control and the highest level of customer care.

Sanitas' Formulations

Customized Technology

Sanitas products make your skin work for you. Their Interactive Ingredient Technology is able to uniquely detect your skin's imbalances and maximizes its ability to regenerate and regulate itself. The ingredients in each Sanitas product are scientifically chosen to interact with each other and your particular skin type to produce optimal, customized results.

Active. Biogenic. Clinical

Each Sanitas formula contains active, biogenic ingredients at clinical doses with the most minimal use of fillers. Sanitas pairs biogenic, topical nutrients with skin-mimicking delivery agents that get the ingredients into the skin where they can be rapidly utilized. The result: instant and long term improvement to skin health.

Progressive Science + Research

Sanitas’ multi-disciplinary formulation team includes cosmetic chemists, a toxicologist, a botanist, an herbalist and a nutritionist so that they can treat every common skin concern with unique, progressive skin science. We control every aspect of every product—from the moment it is conceived to when it touches the skin.

Sanitas' Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Sanitas Company Group Shot

Company Sustainability

Sanitas considers its associates to be their most precious assets and takes great care to ensure a workplace that is diverse, safe and equitable. They believe diversity is vital to their success and conducts their business with integrity and zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. They pay livable wages and help ensure the wellbeing of their team by offering a comprehensive benefits package. Their people are dedicated to making a difference and to caring for our planet.

Human Rights

Sanitas is committed to never doing business with any country or company that engages in the violation of human rights. All of their suppliers are required to submit to a lengthy qualification process and are required to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct that ensures respect for human rights and prohibits the use of child labor, any form of forced labor or human trafficking. They source ingredients from Fair Trade companies whenever possible and pledge only to do business with ethical organizations.

Community Partnerships

As a company, Sanitas has a passion for supporting their community. They engage and empower employees to participate and have a voice in these programs. Their core focus for funding centers around issues of specific interest to women, children and the underserved. But they do more than donate money: they give of themselves. Sanitas’ Volunteer Time Off program allows staff paid time off to volunteer with a cause of their choosing and as a group, they select several causes to volunteer with as a team each year.

Respect for the Environment

As a company that relies on securing raw materials from around the globe, Sanitas understands the importance of planetary awareness and preservation. An integral part of their mission is to operate the business with the most minimal environmental footprint possible. All of their packaging and ink is recyclable, and they use only biodegradable shipping materials and reuse all shipping containers. They have a "think before you print" policy and have made a shift to digital marketing materials and mailings. They recycle, compost and use only non-paper dishes. Their corporate headquarters are located on the GAIA campus in Boulder County, Colo., which relies primarily on solar power.

Respect for Ecological Constraints

Sanitas sources as many ingredients as possible from eco-cert companies, use only renewable resources and do not use palm oil in any of their products. They utilize low-water manufacturing and when creating new products, limit the use of water in their formulations.

Q&A with Sanitas CEO Lisa Crary

Sanitas Company Group Shot

Lisa Crary has been shepherding this popular Colorado brand for just three years—but in that time has become an expert in the skin care field and Sanitas’ unique philosophies. Here she tells us more about the brand, their culture and their long-standing partnership with Pharmaca.

What drew you to Sanitas?

When I was first approached to assume the leadership role in 2013, I had never tried the product; I was then encouraged to use the product for a week. After three days, I was hooked! That product was our Topical C, and I still use it every night—it’s my favorite product in the line.

How do you go about formulating new products? What is the testing process like for new formulations?

We have a very well rounded R&D team that consists of chemists, a biologist, a master herbalist, a master fragrancer and a toxicologist. We are constantly researching new and cutting-edge ingredients, both abroad and domestically. I work very closely with our R&D team when deciding which products to take to market.

When formulating new products, the human body is our inspiration: We select ingredients that let the skin change itself—essentially biogenic ingredients or ingredients that are already found in the body.

All of our new product formulations are guided by five important components:

  • The selection of active ingredients based on the targeted outcome
  • The selection of the most effective delivery system for the active ingredients
  • The establishment of a strategic pH level to help facilitate delivery
  • The determination of the site of action or target tissue
  • The selection of the appropriate time-release mechanism of the active ingredients

So essentially, our overall strategy is to synergistically pair time-tested, biogenic, active ingredients at clinical doses, with the proper delivery system so they can be directed to the sites of action in the body where they can be most effective.

Our products undergo a very rigorous testing process. Each and every product is tested first and foremost on me (!) and is then sent to our internal testing team. If the product meets with approval and the results are as expected, we then send it out for broader consumer testing.

Once we have arrived at a final formulation, it is then subjected to numerous outside testing processes including packaging stability, preservation efficacy testing, HRIPT testing (to ensure no allergic reactions) and testing for any possible contaminants. It is usually at least a year-long process to take a product to market. We do not test on animals.

Tell us about your unique exercise/rest skin care philosophy.

The skin is a dynamic organ that continues to change over time. We really believe that the creation and maintenance of healthy skin is a continuous process, and in order to achieve this, the skin must also continue to be challenged to evolve and grow stronger.

We designed the Sanitas line to effect this by employing a strategy of stimulating, or exercising, the skin one day with our active products such as our glycolic solutions, but then giving it a day off of using actives to allow it to rest and grow stronger. We don’t believe in overstimulating the skin, which can lead to irritation.

The practice of lifting weights is the analogy we like to use. If you lift weights every day with the same muscle group, the muscle doesn’t have time to enter the resting and healing phase to grow and get stronger—it just gets sore and irritated. Skin is exactly the same—the more you exercise and rest your skin, the stronger and healthier it will get.

But we don’t stop there. The Sanitas line is designed to provide progressively active products to continue to challenge the skin as it grows stronger over time—kind of like being able to lift heavier weights as your muscles get stronger.

How does Sanitas give back to the community?

Giving back is very important to me and the entire Sanitas team. We developed a Corporate Responsibility Program and formed an internal committee to enable us to be creative and effective in our efforts to make a difference within our community.

First, we allow our employees paid time off every quarter to give time to the charity of their choice. Second, we choose several non-profits each year and volunteer there as a team. Third, we financially support numerous organizations, primarily ones that work with women, children and the underserved. Finally, we are implementing a program to enable us to employ young, at-risk women in an effort to hopefully inspire them and help them find a path to a brighter future.

Sanitas products are found mostly in spas—what drew you to Pharmaca as a retail distributor?

Pharmaca is our neighbor in Boulder, Colorado—and was one of our first customers! We are very proud of the fact that we were one of the initial skin care lines selected to be retailed in the very first Pharmaca location. Although the Sanitas line contains some very active products, which is why we are mainly sold through spas and medical offices, the knowledge and commitment of the Pharmaca staff to understand how the Sanitas line works and how to best serve the customer has made it very easy for us to partner.

I continue to be amazed at the growth Pharmaca has experienced over the last decade—I kind of feel like we grew up together!

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