Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops 0.33oz

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Cruelty Free Dairy Free Gluten Free
Relieves Itching Burning and Watering Associated with Allergies Sting-Free Formula Give your eyes soothing relief from irritating allergens such as pet dander mold spores and more with Similasan's Allergy Eye Relief sterile eye drops. Allergy Eye Reliefstimulates the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of allergies such as burning itching redness and excessive watering of your eyes. Gluten & Dairy Free.
For adults and children age 2 and over: remove tamper-evident seal from neck of bottle; twist cap off bottle; squeeze plastic tip to release 2-3 drops into eye; apply as needed; replace cap after use.
Apis 6X: burning itching stinging Euphrasia 6X: redness swelling watering Sabadilla 6X: watering redness of lids.
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