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About Skin Authority

Skin Authority’s passion for optimal skin health and beauty is authentically derived from hands-on procedure experiences with their own patients in medical skin clinics in Southern California, partnerships with nationally recognized surgeons, oncologists and immunologists, and work designing skin care programs for top wellness destinations.

Skin Authority’s ethnically diverse customer base became the “designers” of the brand’s product innovations. They expressed their expectations for immediate cosmetic results, a desire to improve the overall health of their skin and the need for clean skin care made without fragrances, dyes, parabens or animal testing. As a result, Skin Authority’s SGF 4 Technology™, VitaD Fortified™ formulas, and superfood Beauty Infusion™ innovations were born to deliver skin transformation in a way never before seen.

Paired with powerful product performance, Skin Authority puts the guidance of a live, certified Skin Coach at your fingertips to personalize your routine to your unique needs and lifestyle. Skin Coaches are there to answer questions, offer support and encourage you to stick with it long enough to achieve the results you want to see. Most importantly, they can help you adapt your routine as your skin or lifestyle changes.

What is Clean Skin Care?

  • No parabens
  • No added dyes
  • No added perfumes
  • No microbeads
  • No animal testing

Sustainable Practices

Renewable Energy - Skin Authority works internally and with supplier partners to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing wind and other renewable energy credits.

Sustainable Packaging - From the very beginning, Skin Authority has taken a sustainable approach to packaging—using recycled paper, plastics and glass, printing with soy ink, and eliminating most outer cartons or secondary packaging. If it doesn’t need a box, they don’t use a box.

About Skin Authority Products

Skin Authority leads a new category of health-inspired skin care formulations; their goal is to enhance and protect skin’s protective barrier from environmental damage and stimulate its ability to renew and regenerate surface cells to transform the appearance of skin.

SGF 4 Technology™

Skin Authority SGF 4 Technology™

This patented technology incorporates specialized matrix proteins to create volume and density for a smoother, fuller, line-free look.

VitaD Fortified™ Formulations ™

VitaD Fortified™ Formulations ™

Protects from environmental aggressors and provides a topical dose of D to firm and illuminate skin.

Beauty Infusion™ Collection

Beauty Infusion™ Collection

Isolated topical superfood proteins, enzymes and extracts of quinoa, avocado, blueberry, turmeric, swertia chirata and fermented probiotics supercharge the hydrating, brightening, anti-aging and clarifying effects of these products.

Fear-Free Peel™

Fear-Free Peel™

Provides the benefits of AHA exfoliation without harsh drying effects or inflammatory response. An exclusive leave-on sugar cane solution is gentle enough for daily use, yet powerful enough to transform the appearance of skin texture.


"So far my skin looks younger & fresh. Skin Authority might be my new addiction."
- Elaine P.

"I’ve been using Skin Authority products for five years and people tell me I look younger now that I did when I started!"
- Chelsea M.

"I’m extremely happy with the new Beauty Infusion Collection and I highly recommend it to anyone experience constant breakouts. My skin looks better than ever."
- Jay Q.

"I recently starting using Daily Cleanser and my face has transformed. I suffer from light bouts of acne and it has cleared my skin up from only using the product for a week. As well as that my face and skin feels refreshed and ready to take on the day."
- Nat

"I have been using Beauty Infusion Turmeric & Blueberry for Brightening instead of foundation...and have been using a concealer to highlight, lift and tone. Genius."
- Heather D.

"I was referred to use Calming Mask as a spot treatment for calming down irritated skin areas that I had been dealing with for years. Areas where I always get a zit/pimple…this face mask is awesome at helping me achieve a fresh, young, healthy glow and keeping any acne that thinks it will form from happening!"
- Erika

"I love Skin Authority’s Vitamin A Cell Renewal! I have tried multiple different retinols including prescription strength and they all have left my skin feeling rough and dry. Skin Authority's formulation provides my skin with a lush smoothness. I will never go back to any other formula again!"
- Erin D.

"After using the VitaD Topical Elixir, my face was glowing in a natural way (nothing overly greasy and so on). It just makes the skin look so healthy and alive."
- Sarah

Skin Authority Videos

Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling gives tips from Hollywood makeup artists on how to brighten, tighten and lift the eyes

Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling explains how to increase collagen and volume in your skin.

Hair styling with the Beauty Infusion™ Collection by Skin Authority

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