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Sonage takes a European approach to skin care and is commited to creating the safest, most environmental-friendly, natural, non-toxic and highly-effective products for skin, that are available today. Browse Pharmaca’s selection of Sonage products that have always been cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

About Sonäge

A History of Innovation

Sonäge was founded on a great skin care tradition: to focus on premium natural ingredients and research-based formulas to deliver a healthy glowing complexion. The wonderful French expression “etre bien dans sa peau,” which literally translates as “to be well in one’s skin,” is part of Sonäge’s mission to keep your skin healthy and beautiful at every age.

Working with top scientists in Europe and Los Angeles, Sonäge has balanced the best in modern skin care science with the amazing healing power of nature. Sonäge uses natural botanicals, active plant enzymes and pure essential oils to create revolutionary formulas that are both safe and highly effective—giving you beautiful, youthful, luminous skin.

Unlike other mainstream beauty brands, Sonäge products are free from harsh fillers and chemical preservatives. Sonäge products ensure that your skin luxuriates in Mother Nature’s bounty, such as brightening lime oil, soothing turmeric, and stimulating sage, kept stable and fresh with natural preservatives like burdock root, honey suckle and tea tree Oil. Sonäge harnesses the restorative and renewing power of botanical oils to create rich and unique aromas to enhance your beauty experience.

The Sonäge Difference - The New Natural

Beauty, like food, has become a health choice. The New Natural™ at Sonäge is the commitment to creating the safest, most environmentally friendly, natural, non-toxic and highly effective products on the market. Sonäge recognizes customers care deeply about what they put into their bodies and they, in turn, are passionate about what they put their our products.

They have been raising the bar even higher by aligning the Sonäge brand with the Environmental Working Group, supporting EWG Verified™, the gold standard in health and wellness certification.

Sonäge products contain no nasties like parabens, petrochemicals, sulfate, GMOs, phthalates, nano particles, oxybenzone, DMDM Hydantoin, BHT. They never test on animals, are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and always use recycled paper and filler in packaging. Sonäge manufactures in small batches every 90 days, so they can quickly incorporate new research and best practices into their products to ensure they are constantly evolving, improving and providing our customers the amazing skincare they expect and deserve.

The Sonäge Promise: Putting Customers First

Knowing their customers lead busy lives and don’t always have time to get to the spa, Sonäge has joined the self-care revolution to create products that deliver the same healing and relaxing aromatherapy and the same inspired, energizing pampering you’ll find in the best salons and spas, right to your home. Their products are so effective that they have one of the highest reorder rates in the industry.


"Vitamin C is all the rage lately. So I went on the hunt for the perfect product for me. I have sensitive skin and have tried a few products, which made my skin breakout. By far the Sonäge High Impact Vitamin C Serum has been the best. I put it on after my toner before my moisturizer. It's lightweight and was easily absorbed by my skin. My skin after two weeks of using it is noticeably different. My skin is brighter and healthier than ever. I've been wearing less makeup too because my skin looks so naturally beautiful! I highly recommend it!”
- Lori Moreno, Blogger and Social Media Influencer
Los Angeles, CA

"I've used Sonäge products for a few years, but the same few over and over. I read a review on the Vitamin C Serum and thought I'd try something new...I am now on my 3rd reorder of it and recommend it SO highly!! I used it first when I get out of the shower, then my daily moisturizer and it made such a difference in my skin tone throughout the day. I run very red and it's helped so much. Love it!!"
- Melissa, Simi Valley

“I fell in love with your products and can't wait to have the complete line in the salon, I always feel so confident and safe while working with Sonäge because it gives amazing results! Thank you again for all the time you have invested in Sonäge and in all of us!”
- Tatiana, Bogart Salon, Moorpark, CA

"Having used and represented many of the world's finest skin care lines, I can say unequivocally that Sonäge is one of my favorites. The ingredients are unsurpassed, manufactured utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technologies and the proof is in the results that my clients have received for years, unanimously giving accolades that keep them coming back for more."
- Kathryn Bruno
Owner /Esthetician

"I have been using Sonäge products for over 15 years. My clients and I love them; I even send them to my clients in Hong Kong! Sonäge is a wonderful product line and it’s great for both aging and acne prone skin."
- Elaine Dodd

"As an esthetician in the business over 20 years, I have experienced great results with the Sonäge products. They are reliable, truly hypo-allergenic, non-greasyand are very competitive in price. Along with being a great product, the training for the professional prepares them for excellent services for their clients. I am very proud to use this product myself and on my clients. It works! No one guesses my age. I am now 81."
- Marion Williams

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