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Founded in 1981 by CEO Ira Goldberg, Source Naturals® is passionate about contributing to a healthier world through innovative nutritional supplements and wellness advocacy. By providing science-based nutritional products and education, Source Naturals supports everyone’s potential to attain optimal health.

In 1982, Source Naturals pioneered the concept of combining many nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals in one formulation with the launch of Wellness Formula®, now the industry's #1 immune support product.¹ Source Naturals was also the first in the industry to bring now well-known melatonin, resveratrol, and krill oil supplements to market.

Today, Source Naturals manufactures more than 750 products in 31 health categories. Their comprehensive product line includes scientifically optimized single nutrients and advanced Bio-Aligned holistic formulas that deliver superior health outcomes. Designed to address the root causes of system imbalances, these Bio-Aligned Formulas provide targeted nutrients to bring interdependent body systems into a healthy balance. Many of their formulas have been recognized for their excellence in independent surveys and nutritional analyses. Their award-winning formulas include Life Force® Multiple, Mega-Kid Multiple, Inflama-Rest, Wellness Formula, the Skin Eternal line, Higher Mind, Essential Enzymes, Male Response and more.

Source Naturals is a proud sponsor of Vitamin Angels®, a non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing essential nutrition through vitamin supplementation to at-risk populations around the world. Vitamin Angels' mission is to reduce child mortality and give children and mothers the chance to live healthy, meaningful and productive lives.

Source Naturals is working toward non-GMO verification and remains passionately dedicated to supporting health through the use of safe natural products produced to the highest quality standards.

¹SPINSScan Natural Products Channel, total US $ sales, 52 weeks ending 11/26/2011.

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Source Naturals Product Information

Wellness Formula®

Source Naturals Wellness Formula

A 10-time Vity Award winner for best immune supplement, Wellness Formula® delivers comprehensive support to multiple systems important to immune health. It provides antioxidant defense, stress response, and respiratory and immune system support.2*


Source Naturals Melatonin

Source Naturals® Melatonin has been helping people sleep better for more than 20 years. A restful sleep helps you wake up refreshed, ready for your day and benefits your long-term physical and mental health.*

Because individual bodies differ in their melatonin needs, Source Naturals offers a wide variety of products in different potencies so you can find what works for you.*

Serene Science®

Source Naturals Serene Science

Serene Science® offers a whole line of solutions for different types of stress. Whether you’re experiencing racing thoughts, tense muscles or moodiness, Serene Science can help you relax, feel peaceful and more balanced. Our Serene Science line includes L-Tryptophan for a positive mood and L-Theanine for focused relaxation.*

Essential Enzymes

Source Naturals Serene Science

Award-winning Source Naturals® Essential Enzymes supports a healthy digestive system and helps transform the food you eat into nutrients you need to live healthily.³ It contains not just one but a full array of seven enzymes that work in a wide range of pH levels to help you break down all food types.*

*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
¹SPINSScan Natural Products Channel, total US $ sales, 52 weeks ending 11/26/2011.
²Vitamin Retailer Magazine, June 2003-2007 and 2010– 2014
³Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007; Better Nutrition Magazine, 2012; Delicious Living Magazine, 2013.
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Learn how the Wellness Formula offers superior immune system support.

Take a break from stress with Theanine Serene.

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Source Naturals vitamins and supplements are made from natural ingredients that target a variety of conditions, like healthy bones, blood sugar, a healthy nervous system, digestion, energy support, skin and nail health, immune health, sleep aid and more. Pharmaca’s selection of Source Naturals products includes Serene Science sleep supplements, Wellness Formula, Essential Enzymes, Melatonin and others.