About Teeccino

Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, you’ll love Teeccino’s satisfying flavor—which fans describe as smooth, rich and creamy. Made up of nutritious roasted herbs that provide health benefits in every cup, Teeccino can be enjoyed any time of day by all ages. Teeccino’s proprietary 6 g tea bags hold three times the herbs of standard tea bags to produce a robust, bold cup with all the convenience of steeping like tea.

  • No caffeine
  • Non-acidic
  • 3x more herbs = bold flavor and more health benefits
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Kosher Pareve

Teeccino’s foundation is rooted in the rich and fertile earth of a long career dedicated to herbal beverages, a compelling vision of preserving rainforests, and the intrinsic value of supporting optimal health for humans as well as the planet.

Teeccino Brand Story - Founder Caroline MacDougall

Teeccino’s founder, Caroline MacDougall, began sourcing herbs from around the world during the 1970s when she worked for a fledgling tea company called Celestial Seasonings. She was part of the original team at Celestial that pioneered the creation of herbal teas in America. From there, her journey evolved into designing teas for a number of top tea companies. Ultimately, with inspiration from a dream (literally), she designed a novel new herbal brew, Teeccino, and founded the company in 1994.

Today, Teeccino is still family-run and certified woman-owned with a passionate and enthusiastic team that loves sharing Teeccino with people all over the world. Caroline’s dedication to preserving rainforests continues to guide the company’s commitment to sustainable, ecological and health-focused values. So by drinking Teeccino, you join the mission to promote optimal health for both yourself and our planet!

Testimonials about Teeccino

A Heartfelt Thank You!

"As an herbal tea lover I was drawn to Teeccino at a Vegan Festival. The moment I sampled it I fell in love. Your products fit perfectly into my Paleo and sustainable lifestyle. I have shared samples with family and friends. They too are hooked! From my family and friends, a heartfelt THANK YOU!”
- Irma Flores

Cure for my post-gallbladder removal troubles

"I had my gallbladder out in December of 2014. Shortly after that I had my first abdominal "attack," which I could only compare with the pains and intensity of labor. I was in the emergency room many times. For three years I could not figure out what to do. I had many attacks, had been given morphine during two emergency visits, admitted for two nights, told it was anxiety when I knew it was physical, and prescribed bentyl. I stumbled upon Teeccino and now I have no attacks, no emergency room visits, no more bentyl, no more hospital stays. . . I do have to drink 128 ounces of it per day, but because it's so delicious and reminds me so much of coffee, because it's alkalizing and not acidic, because it's full of such healthy ingredients, I do not mind drinking that much at all!! Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful natural remedy. God bless you!”
- Jane

No A Fib with Teeccino

"I was recently found to have atrial fibrillation so severe that my heart had to be restarted. I vowed to never drink coffee again, but well, life gets stressful, so I would take a sip of my hubby's coffee from time to time. When I had to go back to the ER to have my heart restarted twice in a day, I finally quit for good. Teeccino is the only thing that makes me feel that I am not giving up one of my favorite "vices." I've just replaced coffee with something better and have been turning my friends on to it ever since. Best flavor IMHO: Maca Chocolate—can't wait til we can order it in tee bags!”


"I have been a die hard Starbucks Gold Card member ever since the Gold Card became a thing. I loved the "dark" profile of their coffees and their "dirty chai." I was caffeinated for years. Every once in a while I would go "de-caf" and suffer the withdrawals. Over the last two years I broke my caffeine addiction and went totally with the decaf espresso roast. About 6 months ago I started to develop acid reflux. I noticed Teeccino at my local health food store and gave it a try. Yeow!! Need I say more than to say that I have not visited a Starbucks ever since and I have not had any recurrence of acid reflux! I am now a devout Teeccinoite.
- Allyn Ciccone

"I was having some swelling in my feet and it was suggested to me to drink dandelion tea, that is when I found your teas. I chose the Dandelion Mocha Mint and the aroma and the flavor of the tea is just so very delightful. It is a mix of a nice mint hot chocolate mixed with a cup of coffee. It is simply TEAlious!!! I will definitely be buying more of this flavor and trying other flavors as well.”
- April

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