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About Thorne Research

Thorne was founded in 1984 to revolutionize an industry that’s too often satisfied with “good enough.” Thorne’s founders were committed to owning every step of the manufacturing process—from perfecting every ingredient to saying “no” to fillers and shortcuts.

And three decades of participating, assisting and investing in clinical trials has earned Thorne the respect of clinicians and the confidence of physicians. Their enduring support, in turn, has helped Thorne gain a loyal following among practitioners, patients and consumers, and, most recently, Team USA athletes. Although Thorne has evolved considerably over the last 30+ years, they remain dedicated to their founding principles and to their customers. Thorne’s mission is to provide each individual with the health insights, education and nutritional support he or she needs.

The Thorne Research of today is still the leader in innovative, high-quality nutritional supplements. Their science-based supplement products are made with the purest possible ingredients, and contain no gluten or other major allergens, including eggs, tree nuts, or peanuts. Most Thorne products are also free of dairy, soy, yeast, fish and shellfish.

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About Thorne Products

General Cardiovascular Support

Thorne General Cardiovascular Support

Thorne’s cardiovascular product suite includes best-in-class ingredients and unique formulations that support multiple facets of cardiovascular health.*

Detoxification / Liver Support

Thorne Detoxification and Liver Support

Today’s industrialized society has made our bodies prone to toxic overload. To help alleviate this burden, Thorne provides formulas for general detoxification and liver support, as well as formulas for specific environmental toxicities.*

Women's & Men's Health

Thorne Women's and Men's Health

Women have gender-specific nutritional needs that are a result of pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, menopause and more. Men also have their own specific nutritional needs, especially after age 40. Thorne’s gender-specific product collection is formulated to meet the distinctive nutritional needs of women and men.*

Multivitamin/Mineral Complexes

Thorne Multivitamins and Mineral Complexes

Thorne believes a foundational multivitamin/mineral supplement is the starting point for every individual’s supplementation needs. They use the purest, most absorbable raw materials—without unnecessary additives and preservatives—so every individual’s outcome can be optimized.

General GI

Thorne General GI support

A healthy digestive system takes the necessary nutrients from food and eliminates the rest. Thorne's enzyme, probiotic and special nutrient formulas ensure the digestive system works the way it should.*

Neurological, Mood and Sleep Support

Thorne Sleep Support

Increasing lifespans, worsening environmental toxicity and declining dietary standards—all of which can result in nutrient deficiencies—can adversely affect neurological health. Thorne supplements help maintain cognitive function, promote brain health and support healthy neurotransmitter production for mood enhancement and restful sleep.*

Muscle and Joint Health

Thorne Muscle and Joint Health

Thorne Research offers key formulas to help maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints, and to support optimal wound healing.*

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Clinical Trials

thorne testing

In collaboration with top-tier medical groups and research institutes, Thorne Research has had a longstanding commitment to conducting clinical research using pharmaceutical-based models.

Thorne Research is currently collaborating on numerous human clinical trials at esteemed institutions around the country.

locations where thorne research takes place
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All Thorne Products Undergo Four Rounds of Testing

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Using pure, natural ingredients, Thorne Research have created dietary supplements and vitamins to promote overall health and wellness. Pharmaca’s selection of Thorne Research products includes Thyrocsin, Cortrex, Mediclear, Choleast, OSCAP, Undecyn, Perfusia, Magnesium Citramate, Ferrasorb, Phytisone, Uristatin and many more. Thorne Research supplements target multiple conditions, including bone health, heart health, immune support, digestive health, blood sugar support, inflammation support, hormone support, stress, sleep, women’s health and prostate health.