Thorne Research B-Complex #12 60 vcaps

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Two active forms of vitamin B12 plus two active forms of folate in one convenient B-complex

  • unlike many B vitamin products B-Complex #12 contains the active forms for enhanced bioavailability*
  • B-Complex #12 contains an optimal balance of essential B vitamins with extra vitamin B12 and folate
  • B-Complex #12 is yeast free
  • without preservatives magnesium stearate or other lubricants and diluents
  • made without flowing agents that can inhibit bioavailability

Vitamin B12 and folate are necessary for normal red blood cell formation tissue and cellular repair homocysteine metabolism and DNA synthesis.* A vitamin B12 and/or folate deficiency may indicate a chronic shortage of one or both of these vitamins. Vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest in varying degrees of mental changes such as confusion and irritability.* Certain prescription medications (for seizures diabetes arthritis or cancer) can result in deficiencies of these important vitamins. Incidence of vitamin B12 and/or folate deficiency is high among the elderly. Pregnant women require increased amounts of folate for proper fetal development.* Women with a folate deficiency prior to pregnancy can expect the deficiency to be intensified during gestation.

Thorne's B-Complex #12 supplies 300 mcg of adenosylcobalamin 300 mcg of methylcobalamin as well as 200 mcg of folinic acid 200 mcg 5-MTHF (both active forms of folate) and the bioactive forms of the other B vitamins in each capsule to ensure you get the most bioavailable B-complex available.*

B Complex #12 also consists of a group of eight water-soluble compounds: thiamin (vitamin B1) riboflavin (vitamin B2) niacin (vitamin B3) pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) pyridoxine (vitamin B6) cobalamin (vitamin B12) folate and biotin. Although each B vitamin is chemically distinct they often work together in various biochemical functions throughout the body - from cellular energy production to healthy red-blood-cell formation to healthy neurological function.* Most B vitamins with the exception of vitamin B12 are not stored in the body; consequently they must be acquired daily from the diet in order to maintain optimal health.*

Supplementing with active B vitamins is extremely important to everyone especially individuals who may not be able to convert non-active vitamins to their active forms in the liver because of compromised liver function poorly functioning enzymes digestive disturbances or age.* Dietary supplements containing these active cofactors have enhanced bioavailability ensuring the body gets the nutrients it needs.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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