Thorne Research BioMins 120 vcaps

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A comprehensive multi-mineral formula with copper and iron

  • Well-researched forms of minerals

  • Highly absorbable dimagnesium malate and dicalcium malate*

  • Trace minerals as glycinate chelates from Albion® Laboratories for optimal absorption*

  • Ferrochel® – exceptionally well tolerated form of iron*

Who should be taking a multiple mineral?

Individuals at high risk for mineral deficiencies include the elderly due to deteriorating digestion, children and teenagers because of poor diet, individuals with eating disorders, and anyone suffering from a chronic disease. Taking certain prescription medications can also result in a mineral deficiency. Because the mineral content in fruits and vegetables depends on the soil the crop is grown in, even a healthy individual who maintains a good diet can be at risk for a mineral deficiency because of mineral-depleted soil.

What makes BioMins® special?

In formulating BioMins, the ideal source for each mineral was considered. We concluded the forms of calcium and magnesium that would optimize both absorption and concentration (how much fits in a capsule) are dicalcium malate and dimagnesium malate (two molecules of each mineral bound to one molecule of malate).

In determining our choices for trace minerals we consider research, absorption, concentration, and tolerability. Albion® – innovator of mineral chelates since 1956 – supplies the majority of the trace minerals in our BioMins formula. We believe Albion’s glycinate chelates – iron, zinc, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, and boron – exhibit excellent absorption and tolerability.

Where a significant amount of research supports a different mineral form, we have opted to include those forms – for example, vanadyl sulfate and selenomethionine.

We believe our BioMins formula provides a comprehensive, well-absorbed, easily tolerated, and well-researched multi-mineral product.

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Thorne Research BioMins 120 vcaps

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