Thorne Research Mediclear Plus 26.8oz

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Dairy Free Gluten Free

New formula – now with one more serving per container (21 servings), mineral chelates from Albion Minerals, milk thistle, and mixed tocopherols.

MediClear Plus provides the same nutritional benefits of MediClear, but it also includes additional flavonoids that support the body's normal inflammatory response to toxic insults*

  • unflavored and unsweetened so it can be mixed according to individual preference

  • contains curcumin phytosome, which is significantly better absorbed than a standardized (95%) curcumin extract*

  • provides milk thistle for added liver support*

  • contains grape seed phytosome for added antioxidant and vascular support*

Thorne’s unsweetened, unflavored member of our MediClear suite – MediClear Plus – contains all of the nutritional components of MediClear with the added advantages of curcumin phytosome and grape seed phytosome – well-absorbed forms of these two plant extracts for maintenance of the body's normal inflammatory response to toxic insults.*

MediClear Plus Provides Liver Support*

Providing essential nutrient cofactors, while also supplying an adequate amount of low-allergenicity protein, can be very beneficial to liver function.* Health-care practitioners know that many health challenges can arise when a patient's liver is not functioning as it should, including poor digestion, imbalances in intestinal bacteria, and fatigue. MediClear Plus includes milk thistle, green tea, and curcumin, as well as beneficial detoxification nutrient cofactors for enhanced liver support.* MediClear Plus also contains a complete range of vitamins and minerals – nutrients are provided in their most absorbable, tissue-ready forms, including pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (active vitamin B6), L-5-MTHF (active form of folate), and methylcobalamin (active form of B12), as well as the new additions of mixed tocopherols and mineral chelates from Albion Minerals.*

Why Rice and Pea Protein?

MediClear Plus uses a vegan blend of rice protein and pea protein. This combination of rice and pea is used because of the low incidence of allergenicity associated with their protein components. It is far more likely for dairy protein or soy protein to initiate an allergic reaction. Using the proteins derived from rice and pea eliminates most allergenic proteins from the diet, while maintaining a high-quality protein intake.

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