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About TruKid

Jennifer Bunkers, TruKid CEO and Mom of Six

Founded by a mother of six, TruKid fills the gap between baby and adult skin care with safe, natural products that kids love and want to use, which in turn makes parents' lives easier as well. TruKid strives to create products that keep children and the earth happy and healthy, through sustainably sourced natural ingredients, minimal and recyclable packaging, and good business methods that minimize waste.

"I created TruKid out of desperation—I wanted safe, all-natural products that my kids liked, and could apply themselves. Teaching kids healthy habits and nurturing self-sufficiency are really important to me, and everything we make embraces those guidelines." —Jennifer Adams Bunkers Mom of six and CEO of TruKid

TruKid keeps kids happy and healthy for life

  • Special formulas for eczema, allergies and sensitive skin: TruKid steroid-free eczema care offers an alternative to nasty chemicals in their comprehensive kids' eczema and sensitive skin therapy line. Great for sensitive babies and children, moms-to-be and the whole family.
  • Easy-to-apply sunscreen: Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen, but most natural sunscreens are difficult to apply (or aren't really very natural!). TruKid's award-winning sunscreens have light textures making them easy to apply, and are truly mineral-based sunscreens that won't leave your family looking like ghosts!
  • A top-rated kids line by the Environmental Working Group: All TruKid products are free of gluten, parabens and phthalates to keep our kids and planet happy and healthy.
Kids Need Love Not Chemicals
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About TruKid’s products

Truly Natural Badge

Truly Natural – TruKid strives to create the highest quality, safest products so that parents know their child is protected from nasty chemicals. Many ingredients are organic, and all products are vegan or vegetarian.

Kid Friendly Badge

Kid-friendly – With fresh citrus scents, easy to use "I-Can-Do" packaging and light textures, all TruKid products are designed with kids in mind. Kids like to use TruKid products, allowing them to learn self-sufficiency and making parents' lives easier.

Sustainable Badge

Sustainable – All TruKid products are packaged in 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, and all non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide is sustainably sourced. TruKid wants our kids to have a healthy planet, and always takes that extra step to ensure they do all they can.

EWG Certification Badge

Certifications – With the highest EWG rating for a kids line, TruKid is verified to be safe and natural. TruKid’s sunscreens have won multiple national awards, and are reef safe, non-nano, and easy to apply. Because the best sunscreen does nothing if you can't put it on!

Promise Badge

Promise/Guarantee – TruKid stands behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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TruKid in the press

Eco Excellence

TruKid winner of the 2015 Eco Excellence Awards

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TruKid in Annelik Sanati Magazine


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TruKid on The Daily Green


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TruKid featured on Cool Mom Picks

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TruKid featured in USA Today


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TruKid featured in Safe Mama

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TruKid featured in Simply Gluten Free Magazine

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Videos about TruKid’s products

Learn more about how TruKid helps kids battle eczema

Discover why kids love the Hero Stick for all their bumps and scratches

See how the Sports Stick lets active kids soothe their achy muscles and joints

Make bathtime more fun with all-natural BathBlasts!

TruKid Testimonials


by Cherisse, August 2015

5 Stars

“This item is truly awesome!! My 10m old baby has constant flare up of rashes/eczema around his mouth, because he drools a lot. I've tried practically all creams out there and even steroid and nothing seemed to work. When I tried this cream, it literally cleared all the redness OVERNIGHT!! I just make sure the area is clean and massage it gently. It also absorbs well. Love, love, love, TruKid!”


by A, September 2015

5 Stars

“Lots of bubbles, unscented, and excellent. Works great for my eczema ridden son, any other brand flares him up. Now he can take a bubble bath like other kids. Thank you for creating this product.”


by M. McFarlane, October 2015

5 Stars

“Best zinc-based natural sunscreen -- rubs in well, nice scent, great protection. We have tried them all over the years and swear by this one -- daily and the waterproof option (blue cap). We have three pale redheads in our family, so high stakes and high standards for good sunscreen. So many zinc-based sunscreens are so thick and goopy, my kids hate getting it applied. This is the only one they want.”


by Beth, August, 2015

5 Stars

“I love this sunblock. It gets a good rating from the environmental working group, it works to prevent sunburn, it's so convenient to throw in a bag or purse, it's easy to apply without getting your hands messy, it's not at all greasy like so many safe sunblocks. I used this on my kids almost every day this summer. It is also a nice sunblock to use on (kids and adults) faces since it's not greasy.”


by Cezanne, February 2014

5 Stars

"I use this on my 15 month old daughter's hair. Her hair is still quite fine, and wakes with a huge rat's nest in the back every morning. I spray a very small amount of this detangler on the hair on the back of her head, brush through and give it a scrunch with my hands. There is no perceptible difference in the texture or oiliness of the hair that was sprayed vs that which was not. The curls come back, her hair smells nice (fresh, not overpowering), and the rat's nest is gone. I definitely recommend this detangler for fine toddler hair."

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At Pharmaca, you’ll find TruKid natural baby and kid skin care products that are eczema safe, gluten free, BPA free and made with all-natural, sustainable ingredients. Pharmaca’s selection of TruKid products includes Hero Stick and Sports Stick, natural, herbal balms that soothe sore joints, eczema, dry skin, cuts, scrapes, bug bites and more. Pharmaca also carries TruKid sunscreen for kids and babies, natural face and body lotion, kids' shampoo and conditioner and more.