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About Vibrant Health

Their Position: Ahead of the Times

As a groundbreaking, modern company, there is always something new happening at Vibrant Health. When you aim to design evolutionary formulas, you need smart minds capable of independent thinking. There’s no doubt that Vibrant Health thinks differently from the rest of the nutrition industry. Vibrant Health doesn’t wish to be seen as a traditional nutraceutical brand—they wish to be seen as a brand built on science and by the efficacy of their formulations. They use these principles to guide their decisions and to keep them focused on their mission: To assist in the healing of illness and the establishment of optimal health through supplemental nutrition.

Their Practice: Formula Obsolescence

New discoveries in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, agriculture and botanical medicine make nutritional science a dynamic field. What we know today, or think we know, may become obsolete tomorrow.

Plant science and organic chemistry have also brought us a legion of new biologically active substances that can be put to work in supporting optimal health. This ever-changing milieu of science and evolving raw materials feeds the formulation of Vibrant Health's dietary supplements.

Vibrant Health dares not presume that any dietary supplement designed today will remain the best into an endless future. For that reason, every Vibrant Health product is expected to change as new discoveries in science come to light and as new raw materials become available. Vibrant Health products are dynamic by design, always evolving to stay at the forefront of nutritional science.

Their Creed:Truth. Trust. Transparency.

You have their respect. You are the person they serve. You deserve to know precisely what is in each dietary supplement you buy. That is why you will find NO misleading proprietary blends in any Vibrant Health product. Vibrant Health has used full disclosure labeling since 1976, and always will. It’s your right to know!

+  Testimonials

Testimonials about Vibrant Health Products

“I used Vibrant Health in my own personal journey in 2011. Since eating more plants, juicing and using Vibrant Health products, I have lost 45 pounds (size 14 to size 2) and was able to get off 12 medications at age 32. A plant-strong diet and good supplements, like those offered by Vibrant Health worked wonders for me. I no longer have migraines, IBS or allergies. I went from a tired and depressed medical mess to a healthy and happy young woman. This month (March 2013) marks two years, one month with good health and no illnesses.”

“I've lost 100 pounds so far. I was at a standstill with no results. I'm doing Green Vibrance smoothies alongside my small meal plan, and also drinking my one-fourth cup of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar every day. I have 60 pounds left to go. Can't wait to get extremely healthy!!!”
—Facebook post

“Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance superfood has been my most valuable 'secret' for healthy aging for more than eight years. I rarely dare forego a morning scoop of super green powder! It gives me my insurance for immunity and wellbeing! As a teacher, I used to have frequent colds. The times I allowed myself to run out of this product, I would invariably find my respiratory health challenged in some way. I wonder if Green Vibrance is responsible for our good skin or our dark hair with practically no gray...and we are both almost 60! Our siblings look much more aged. I think the greens provide a more assimilate-able and superior calcium for my strong bones.”
—P. Sierra

“The adaptogens help my body adapt to physical and mental stress…The Enzyme Complex helps my body break down and absorb the nutrients that I am putting into my body. I love Green Vibrance for this reason….it helps with so many functions in our body….I don’t have to buy a lot of different supplements because it has such a variety. With the help of Green Vibrance, my nutritional lifestyle and view about food has transformed from eating like a first-grader, to eating solely to care for my body.”
—Doug H.

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Delicious Living
Supplement Award 2013
Green Vibrance

Delicious Living Award Badge

Vitamin Retailer
2012 Vity Award Winner
Green Vibrance

Vitamin Retailer Award Badge

Better Nutrition
2011 Best of Supplements
Green Vibrance

Better Nutrition Award Badge

Vitamin Retailer
2011 Vity Award Winner
Green Vibrance

Vitamin Retailer Award Badge 2

Better Nutrition
2009 Best of Supplements
Green Vibrance

Better Nutrition Award Badge 2

Better Nutrition
2008 Best of Supplements
Green Vibrance

Better Nutrition Award Badge 3
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Learn about Vibrant Health's guiding principles from President Ted Parker.

Listen to Vibrant Health founder Mark Timon explain the benefits of Green Vibrance.

Watch how Vibrant Health products can stave off U.T. infections.

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Vibrant Health at Pharmaca includes Green Vibrance, an award winning superfood that promotes a healthy digestive tract, proper blood circulation, and a strong immune system. This formula includes organic greens, probiotics, and enzymes. Whether you already live a health life, or are trying to improve your health, Vibrant Health can help.