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An award winning Green Super food!

Human vitality can be described as the combined vitality - what we call "Vibrance" -- of each cell in the body. Green Vibrance provides trace nutrients that should help each cell to function at peak efficiency. When we push each cell toward peak efficiency through diet and supplementation the result may be increased energy and endurance greater clarity of thought more robust immunity and a general shift in all bodily functions toward the ideal.

Green Vibrance taken daily drives us toward these goals by addressing some very basic and essential biological requirements.

  • A healthy efficient gastrointestinal tract.
  • Sufficient quantities of a complete group of healthful nutrients and
  • Nutrients delivery to all cells of the body even those at the periphery of the capillaries' reach.

Under these influences optimal health can be achieved manifested by a strong immune system sustained energy production and systems that run smoothly and cleanly.

A nutritional formula should have a well-defined purpose in order to deliver true value to the consumer and delivering true value is the goal of Vibrant Health. A formula's components should be present at potencies that will achieve the stated goal.

The Green Vibrance formula grows from the concepts that:

  • The modern diet fails to supply enough micronutrients to support optimal health
  • The ancient biochemistry inside us which hasn't changed in 40000 years expects to be fed high nutrient density with each calorie of food ingested
  • The body can heal itself if given proper nutritional support

Green Vibrance is designed as a concentrated nutrient-dense food from vegetable sources that is meant to:

  • Support a healthy digestive tract thereby improving nutrient absorption;
  • Deliver trace nutrients at Paleolithic concentrations (far higher than found in modern diets);
  • Improve circulation and cardiovascular health in order to deliver those nutrients to every cell of the body;*
  • Support a vigorous and efficient immune system;
  • Support directly or indirectly the other body systems (i.e. musculoskeletal neurological integumentary (skin) respiratory urinary endocrine cardiovascular/circulatory digestive reproductive and immune)

Nutrient Density

Nutrient density refers to the ratio of micro- nutrients (i.e. vitamins minerals polyphenols etc.) to macro-nutients (i.e. protein fat and carbohydrate). Relative to the amount of protein fat and carbohydrate in the foods we eat today our ancestors commonly received far greater amounts of micro- nutrients. Human biochemistry adapted to that ancient food supply with its greater nutrient density. It is that same ancient biochemistry that attempts to run us today.

But today something is missing. Indeed statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture World Health Organization (WHO) and regulatory agencies in countries around the globe verify a precipitous drop in nutrient density within our common food supply in just the last forty years. The loss of trace nutrients is so great as to remove any argument that dietary supplementation may be optional. We firmly believe supplementation is mandatory in order to achieve optimal health.

Green food supplements if properly formulated can provide astounding nutrient density. They can in effect return our dietary intake of micro- nutrients to something more closely approximating the richness of our ancestral Paleolithic diet.

Nutrients in their natural state are highly bioavailable. Green Vibrance delivers a multitude of nutrients that can be used by each cell to support efficient cellular metabolism and maintain health.

 California Proposition 65 Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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Once each day - or more often if you would like - mix one rounded tablespoon scoop (enclosed) of Green Vibrance into 4 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice rice beverage or water. Stir briskly or shake briefly in a closed container until mixed.
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