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About Weleda

Weleda farmers harvesting lavender

Love and respect for nature have characterized Weleda’s business activity since 1921, when Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher and scientist in Switzerland, founded the company to make products from natural ingredients. Steiner believed that plants and people have a symbolic relationship and we can use nature to heal. From his ideas grew Biodynamic® farming principles, Waldorf education and plant-based medicines.

Weleda is committed to the environmentally friendly sourcing of raw materials, fair trade, Biodynamic® cultivation, and the high quality and purity of their skin and body care products—all while actively promoting sustainability around the world and within the company. Every Weleda product embodies their unique knowledge, quality and values that have earned Weleda the trust of consumers around the world.

Weleda’s Farming Principles:

Organic: Do No Harm

Relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control. Organic farming allows the use of some fertilizers and pesticides if they are of natural origin. Weleda’s Rosa damascena flowers are grown organically in the Isparta region of Turkey.

Wild-crafted: The Natural Way

Plants are cultivated without chemicals in their native environments, and harvested in a sustainable way in order to conserve resources. For example, The arnica they source is wild-crafted in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania.

Biodynamic®: Beyond Organic

An ecological, ethical and spiritual approach to agriculture that goes beyond organic to actually heal the soil and create an interconnected, self-sustaining farm. Farmers use sun, moon and planets to guide their planting and harvesting cycles. The calendula in Weleda baby care products is grown biodynamically in their own plant gardens in Germany.

Weleda’s Quality Standards:

  • No parabens or phthalates
  • Fair Trade
  • No GMOs
  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic fragrances or colors
  • No petroleum-derived ingredients
  • No irradiation of end product
  • No endocrine disruptors
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About Weleda’s Fair Trade ingredients

Weleda grows dozens of acres of herbs, flowers and fruits, but it’s not everything they need to cultivate beauty in the world. So Weleda has developed partnerships that allow them to source ingredients from both small and large farms, cooperatives and cultivation projects, all while committing to sustainable, Fair Trade practices. Below are some of the key ingredients and more information about their Fair Trade partnerships:

Calendula (Baby Care)

Weleda Calendula Baby Care

You’ll find calendula across 40 acres of Weleda’s Biodynamic® Medicinal Plant Gardens in Germany, where they handpick Biodynamic® calendula blossoms each year. Because the garden is adjacent to the production facilities, the plants can be picked and blended into a tincture the very same day, ensuring optimal freshness and potency.

Sea Buckthorn (Body Care)

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Care

For more than 18 years, Weleda has partnered with the San Mario Farm in Tuscany, Italy, run by the Kuenzi family. The family pioneered the cultivation of Biodynamic® sea buckthorn, which ensures that the plant’s vibrant berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Their wonderful health and protective benefits can be found in Weleda’s skin care products.

Arnica (Body Care)

Weleda Arnica Body Care

Weleda procures arnica plants—which are processed when they are freshly picked—from a controlled, certified-wild collection project in Romania and Vosges, France. Weleda agreed to strict rules to help protect the arnica plant. Only precisely defined amounts of the plant can be collected within limited time frames, and cultivators have to adhere to a widespread ban on the use of chemical fertilizers.

Rose Essential Oil (Face & Body Care)

Weleda Rose Essential Oil Face and Body Care

Weleda established a project with 30 farmers in Isparta, Turkey, to help them convert their rose farms to organic—by paying the farmers organic prices during the three-year conversion. Today more than 200 farmers are involved in the project. Weleda guarantees purchase and a fair price for the rose oil each year. They also sponsored a kindergarten with playground for the farmers’ children.

Iris (Facial Care)

Weleda Iris Facial Care

Ideal conditions for growing iris can be found in the Tirdouime region, in the rough terrain of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Here, Weleda works closely with a French partner, helping secure a steady income for a number of people. More than 300 small, family-run farms cultivate irises biodynamically, and this work provides them with more than half of their income.

Almond (Facial Care)

Weleda Almond Facial Care

Almond oil is organically cultivated in Spain. A long-term partnership with the Manan Cooperative in Valencia, Spain, was created in 2009 and is characterized by its sustainable practices, including the economical use of water.

Pomegranate (Face & Body Care)

Weleda Pomegranate Facial Care

The pomegranate seed oil in Weleda’s body and facial care products is organically cultivated in Turkey. The partnership supports small-scale farmers by providing them with a steady, living wage in a rural area where few jobs are available.

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Weleda’s mission is to stimulate and inspire the body, soul and spirit. Natural beauty and personal care products from Weleda are the all natural solutions you can trust for your body. Weleda products include body washes, deodorants, hand and foot creams, body lotions and oils. Browse the wide variety of fragrance options and click on a Weleda specific product to find out more about its unique benefits!